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It should have been:


But instead, it became:
CaencialaPlanet Associates, Inc.31st August 1999
CaenicialaBabergh District Council25th November 1998
ChawlaWISE Pvt. Ltd.26th September 2000
ChenchialaHW Group6th January 2000
ChencialaActinic Software Ltd4th January 1999
ChiancelaRichard Eames18th September 2000
ChiencialaThe Kings Head Hotel, Wimborne7th August 1995
ChinchalaMicrosoft Limited26th March 1999
ChinchallaViking Direct4th April 2001
ChincharlerComputer Futures3rd April 2001
CiaencalaRichard Eames, development3rd December 2000
CiaencialaMaggie Fernades1st December 1998
CialaAXA PPP Healthcare4th June 2007
CiancialaTentyra Consultancy Ltd29th November 1999
CiciallOakridge2nd November 1998
CiecialaLondon Link16th November 1998
CielenciaMoben Kitchens18th December 2001
CiemcialaViking Direct26th October 1999
CiencalaElaine Thiessen29th May 2008
CiencailaGerry Toop23rd July 2004
CienchillaD-Link Europe18th December 2002
Cien CialaPriority One8th February 2001
CiencellaHowarine Calvert10th February 1999
CienciacaRedbridge Health Care Trust20th October 1999
CiencialBT Telephone Directories8th February 1999
CiencialeVision In Business11th September 2001
CiencialiRadcliffes Crossman Block24th February 1996
CienciallaEssex & Suffolk Water05th September 2008
Ciencialsthe no campaign7th October 2002
CiencialiaVicki Leeder4th April 2002
CienciallAXA Sun Life Direct Ltd24th August 1999
CiencianaArent Fox Kintner Plotkin & Kahn19th August 2003
CiencianalaSkyEurope Airlines24th January 2006
CienciauaCare for the Family19th August 1999
CiencibalaChums8th July 2008
CiencidlaAbdul Rahman Al Bahar & Sons16th December 1995
CiencieaGlobix21st May 2001
CienciilaVision In Business11th September 2001
CiencilaMedia Support Servcies8th January 2004
CiencilalThomson Directories6th October 2006
CienciliaIKEA4th April 2001
CienciolaAustin Luce & Co. Ltd.4th April 2000
CiencrilaDTI Publications Orderline9th November 1998
CienczalaRedbridge Council14th June 2007
CienealaCapital Bank PLC15th June 2001
CienialaMcDonald Crafts26th October 2002
CienicialaDepartment for Culture, Media and Sport20th December 1999
CienzalaRonimix Concrete1st November 2006
CierrialaIlford Swimming Baths7th October 1999
CiescialaSinclair Research7th February 1983
CiewcielaA&S Arnold11th August 1998
CinecialaPHS Group22nd March 2001
CinencialaRodale Books8th May 1998
CincalaESolved global26th January 2001
CinialIKEA14th August 2000
CinncittaFaith Visual Communications15th February 2002
ClencalaStreamline Merchant Services11th April 2001
ClenciaiaLogos Ministries4th February 2000
ClencianaMarco & Jolene Blankenburgh2nd January 2003
ClencialaLa Redoute5th January 2000
ClencialeChristian Resources Exhibitions25th November 1998
ClencialsBlackwell Ltd.20th October 2003
CrelcialaHarper Collins Publishers9th November 2000
CrencialaEssex & Suffolk Water28th August 2003
CzcincalaGerda Cremer28th January 2001
CzincalaGerda Cremer28th January 2001
GienialaCastelli, Edwards & Redlus6th August 2004
GencialaRoan Capital Partners L.P.14th November 1998
GenciavaTesco Stores Ltd.11th October 1999
GengalaLondon Borough of Redbridge20th August 2003
GenialaChoice Bureau Ltd.18th January 2002
GlenclalaFamily Hampers3rd November 1999
IenclavliaANC Express Parcel Services30th December 1998
PiencialaPHS Group Ltd.20th September 2000
ScencialaTalk...5th March 2002
SiencialaDHL1st December 1998
ShanshillaLPR Chemicals21st June 2001
TiencialaThomson Directories15th November 1999
That's 78 misspellings and counting .....
So, who wants to be next to put their name in the list?
and.. A Special Award goes to..
British Telecom who with daring skill have now made it on this list twice. This time they have really excelled themselves by not even attempting to spell my family name at all. Instead, they dropped it all together, substituting it with the last part of CdotC Technologies, a company I had formed in 1999 - And they even managed to get that name wrong as well !
BT getting it wrong - Again!


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